Therapeutic Massage Program

Therapeutic Massage is a general term used to describe any
massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and
incorporates work on specific problem areas.                              

Therapeutic Massage may incorporate the following modalities:
myofascial release
trigger point therapy
deep tissue

The following enhancements may be added to any massage session to offer you better results:
Stress Relief Muscle Mask $25
Heated River Rocks  $25
Aromatherapy  $10


Your Therapeutic Massage sessions will be "focused work" through touch therapy, and customized for the specific needs of your body.  The end result of your sessions will be more fluid movement with less strain and binding.  


Therapeutic Massage Package
For optimum results, it is recommended you not exceed ten days between your first four to six therapeutic focused work sessions.  Your licensed massage therapist will make recommendations for the specific needs of your body. The two of you will work together to reach the goal of less pain/discomfort and greater mobility, offering you a healthier lifestyle.  At the end of each session, pre-book your next visit under the direction of your massage therapist and save 10% when you return.