Massage Therapies ... skilled hands and compassionate hearts

With skilled hands and compassionate hearts, our team of licensed massage therapists can help guide you through a physiological as well as psychological journey. Just as personalities are unique from one person to the next, so are the techniques of touch from each of our therapists. Regardless of the path followed, the desired goal of each session is to help reduce muscle fatigue and improve circulation as well as offer a sense of calm and relaxation. Talk to your therapist. Communication is the key to serve you with a customized treatment designed specifically for you. Being warm and relaxed allows you to receive maximum benefits from your massage. Prepare for your massage with 15 – 20 minutes in the sauna or eucalyptus steam bath, followed by a warm shower.

See the listing of "Massage Enhancements" and determine how to better your massage session for your specific needs.  

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Therapeutic Massage  pain reduction/management
This general term describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and incorporates work on specific problem areas.
80 minute session  $145.00
50 minute session  $110.00
25 minute session  $80.00

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All-Inclusive Massage
Your session, using Swedish techniques, incorporates a Stress Relief Muscle Masque teamed with steamed towels, plus heated river rocks. The masque, steamed towels and heat of the rocks all work together with the touch of your therapist to offer relaxation and relief for tired, sore and stressed muscles on your back, neck, shoulders or legs.  50 minutes  $135

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage techniques are long, slow strokes, teamed with kneading, and are designed to offer relaxation, relief from stress, and an overall calming. This form of touch therapy can be tolerated by even the most sensitive muscles, but if you desire more intense work, communicate that with your therapist. Your massage session is "your" session through customizing. However, you must communicate your preferences with your therapist. If the pressure is too soft, too strong, or uncomfortable in any way, SPEAK UP-DON'T BE SHY. Spa etiquette allows you to voice your concerns and/or preferences during any/all service(s).
80 minutes  $120
50 minutes  $85
25 minutes  $60 (focused work)

Deep Tissue Massage 
Deep tissue work involves deeper "concentrated" pressure, in addition to working with your range of motion to offer greater movement. Your body will quite often "tell" your therapist in what specific area(s) it needs deep work performed. 
80 minutes  $145
50 minutes  $110
25 minutes  $80 

Stress Relief Massage
A Swedish Massage technique incorporated with a warmed, calming and comforting masque to help nurture your
skin, relax your muscles, and ease soreness. Teamed with steamed towels, this is a must for stressed muscles on your back, neck, shoulders and legs.  50 minutes  $110

A Sole-ful Massage
For tired feet that are in need of some TLC, this treatment is a "shoe-in". You will enjoy a phenomenal reflexology foot massage teamed with a sugar scrub paired with steamed towels. Offered by one of our massage therapist or aestheticians, your feet will enjoy this special treat.  20 minutes  $30

Prenatal Massage
A supremely relaxing massage for both mother and unborn child that features advanced, specialty therapeutic techniques to manipulate and support your body while lying on your side. Helps relieve stress on weight bearing joints, plus reduces neck, back and leg pain. Offered after week 12 and may be safely continued to term.  
50 minutes   $95
25 minutes   $75


Massage Enhancements
Customize your massage for the ultimate experience. 

-Heated River Rocks
Hot stones placed in strategic points to melt away stress and tension.  $25

-Stress Relief Muscle Masquef
This warmed, menthol based calming and comforting masque helps to nurture your skin, relax your muscles, and
ease soreness. Teamed with steamed towels, it is a must for stressed back muscles and can also
benefit neck, shoulders and legs. $25

-Foot Scrub
For softer and smoother feet, this comforting enhancement uses steamed towels and a custom blend of exfoliating crystals to soothe your soles.  Incorporated into your massage time.  $15

Using pressure on specific areas on the hands and feet, this treatment offers increased circulation, and improved energy flow for improved physiological and psychological response. Reflexology is a natural healing practice based on the principles of association between specific points on your hands and feet in relation to glands, organs and the skeletal structure of the body. This treatment offers a calming and “re-balancing” feel.
Additional 20 minutes added to any facial or massage  $35 

The benefits of stretching can be felt throughout the body. It helps stimulate the digestive organs, reduces inflammation in joints, relieves tension, improves concentration, improves posture, and energizes the body. Your massage therapist will begin your treatment with stretches to loosen your muscle groups and warm up your muscles to prepare for your treatment, and finish your massage calming the muscles and teaching you techniques to incorporate into your daily routine. 
Additional 20 minutes added to any massage  $35 

-Deep Tissue Work
Deep tissue work involves "deeper" concentrated pressure, in addition to working with your range of motion to offer greater movement.  Your body will quite often "tell" your therapist in what specific area(s) it needs deep work performed.  Added to any massage treatment: $25

-Sinus / Allergy Relief  (offered as stand-alone, as well)
A holistic practice, the specialty massage techniques concentrate on forehead to chin during this treatment. From the reflexology techniques, along with aromatherapy of infused eucalyptus, you will experience a release and relief from sinus pressure and congestion. May be added to your facial or massage, or as a stand alone service.  20 minutes  $30

- Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is the holistic practice of using natural oils extracted from plants.  Brain function is
stimulated by inhaling the essential oils, and whole-body healing is enhanced when the oils are
applied topically, as the oils are absorbed through the skin and travel through the bloodstream. 
Aromatherapy helps relieve stress, improves sinus issues, acts as a mood booster and 
improves sleep.  $10
Blends for:
Memory & Concentration
Headache Relief  



Enjoy a nutritious Spa Lunch during your visit  $12
Add a Shampoo/Blowdry Style to any package  $20*
*price may vary depending on length and thickness of hair 

Makeup Touch-up- Each Spa guest is invited to add a makeup touch-up to complete your day. Ask to speak with one of our talented makeup artists to schedule your makeup touch-up. Please allow a minimum of 15 additional  minutes for this complimentary
service as times vary per consultation.